1. youjiboy:

    For Sale: MNF Shushu head

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  2. darksstarsbjd:

    I just looked at it and it seems to be true! DoA registrations are open right now, so this might be the chance to join without asking for an invite that you’ve all waited for

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  3. puppet:

    IMG_7177 (by salvarion777)

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  6. icaruslovemedley:

    So much doll spam today; Sorry not sorry, I finally got some inspiration. Thank you Dollism and all the amazing people and their incredible dolls for inspiring me to get out there and give another crack at it. 

    After a fantastic steak and taters dinner Error and I headed out into the vast expanse of her rents yard and got eaten alive by mosquitoes, totally worth it though. 

    Here’s Thomas Kirk, the best purchase I made at Dollism. Thank you so much Switch for bringing out heads! That’s really what I was looking for. He’s so perfect! That little broken noosseee-yay!

    Thomas is a Switch Seolrok on an Aprilstory Body

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  7. queenofsquids:

    Oh my god, PulkiDoll updated the website today. The preorder is open for literally any color you can pick on that color chart.


    I’ve been playing with this for like an hour. How am I ever going to settle on one color? I’ve already starting scheming how to budget to get two. @_@


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  8. buttcubus:



     Disney Japan has collaborated with Volks to create Rapunzel from Tangled and it’s being Auctioned off here.

    I want to cosplay THIS version of her dress.

    WHAT….Of course you did Volks =3= of courseeee you diddddddd

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  9. My girl got some cute new shoes today! They are a bit big on her and I need some practice to pose a doll in heels. But they go with her ensemble quite nicely.

  10. antygea:

    A photoshoot I didn’t really like in the end. This is the only actually nice photo. I hope I’ll manage to do a second take…

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