1. Yesssssssss. 


  2. lovewithdoll:

    Delmia - Withdoll Nana, photographer/owner: Yenna | Dimensions

    Delmia got a completely new style, and I’m much happier with her now. :3

    Wow, so cute!


  3. Terrible nightmare.

    I dreamed that I dropped my doll on a concrete floor and a huge chunk of her cheek broke off.

    If they wasn’t bad enough, her faceup was totally ruined. I tried to fix her cheek but I ended up smearing her face.

    I was so upset. ;_;

  4. oldschoolbjd:

    Alive by klinkekula on Flickr.

  5. crackupmadness:


    Jack by micazuki on Flickr.

    So beautiful ! *^*

    Wow, that is a PERFECT sculpt for him. That’s spot on. I recognized him as Jack Frost instantly.

  8. andawarudoichi:

    DSC_3357 by marple0526 on Flickr.

    That is a fantastic faceup.

    (via malaryush-dolls)

  9. bjdconfessions:

    I’m so happy to know that my boyfriend fully supports my bjd hobby! Not only does he help pick things out for my doll, he’s offered to help pay/layaway for a new doll, and he’s even found a small local tea room with doll house while driving on the job! He hopes to take me there someday once he finished making a carrying case for me~

    Image by BJDConfessions

    Gosh, that sounds nice.


  10. geminick:


    This is a warning from me to you about the company called Alsotao.com.

    They have committed fraud against me, and I think it’s extremely important that this story gets out to the people who are thinking of using this company as a means to shop…

    (via malaryush-dolls)