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    Dark blue renaissance inspired gown by Amadiz

    I don’t know if I already reblogged this, but if I did, I don’t care. Too flawless not to have on my blog.

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    Flaunting It (by Frankenwah)

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    Custom horns for a ns minifee Rin. ^^

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    Full customization project for a friend.

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  7. No more normal skin for dolls



    In the beginning of BJDs, there was ‘normal’ skin, and ‘white’ skin. That made some sense, since the dolls were ‘normally’ cast in a sort of neutral peachish or yellowish non-white hue, and the ‘white’ dolls were actually paper white. Until some companies came along and introduced ‘tan’ skin and ‘ebony’ skin. I think its time to switch ‘normal skin’ to ‘caucasian skin’, or ‘peach skin’ or some other word besides ‘normal’. Because…it doesn’t really make any sense anymore. 

    Its hard if you have been in the hobby for a while to change your own learned terminology, but its definitely possible. I’m going to make the change myself. 

    I’ve started calling it peach skin.  It isn’t really that hard of a change… and I’m a lot more comfortable with it.

    The implication that ‘normal’ = ‘caucasian’ is rather problematic, yes. I agree with the change.

  8. My doll’s dress arrived today! She looks just lovely! 

    Her dress is from du-hast on DoA!

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    Packing with Novembre : Flowers