2. I see a lot of white or cream dolls in tradition Arabic or Indian dress sometimes. I always feel very conflicted about reblogging them. On the one hand, their outfits are beautiful and highly detailed and I appreciate their aesthetic. I’ve always found the cultural dress of India and the Middle East to be very beautiful and appealing.

    On the other hand, the dolls are often stark white and it makes me feel like those outfits are culturally appropriative. It isn’t right to plunder the traditional dress of a culture just to make your doll look pretty. If a dark-skinned doll wore the outfit, I would feel a little more at ease. It would look less like a white person stealing the outfits for funsies and more like a person actually paying homage to the culture.

    But, of course, I cannot see the doll’s owners. It could very well be a person of color putting their cultural dress on a white doll simply for aesthetic reasons. 

    It’s a complicated thing.

  3. agirlwithabike:

    MD Jina Hybrid

    More photos here: deviantart | DoA Gallery

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  4. freakstylebjd:

    Hey everyone,

    Recently, there have been multiple confessions in Truebjdconfessions about Salomé, ranging from complaining how she is too masculine, to how she is supporting obesity (wut?). Let me first tell you that I’m not offended by them. I’m not hurt by this supposed…

    I am startled at how incredibly rude people are being about your sculpt. I have always liked Salome and I seriously considered buying her since her body type fits a character I have in my head. I might still buy her. To me, she looks like a voluptuous and lovely woman. Her body reminds me of my own.

    It upsets me that the anon seems to think that all bjd should be clones of one another. It’s so hard to find dolls with unique faces or unusual bodies. Why can’t we show more body positivity for differently shaped dolls? And differently shaped people too? (So much fat shaming in this hobby…)

    By doing this, I feel like anon is trying to run artists and sculptors out of the hobby. It’s shameful.

  5. myfemalegaze:



    Darcy faceup attempt #1. 
    I got super, SUPER lazy with the eyebrows, please excuse those… pretend they aren’t there. 
    Now to gloss those lips!

    I most certainly will NOT ignore those eyebrows, they are to die for.

    That face up is so amazing! Those cheeks are to die for. 

  7. dotworkdoll:



    I started waffling about how I do faceups in case it helps anyone. You find these tutorials on my main site {HERE} I’ll keep adding more as I think of them, feel free to make requests! 

    So helpful! Thanks <3


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  8. Anyone know where to get nice MSD shoes? My girl needs some cute black shoes but I can’t find any that would fit her nicely.

    I mean, I did find some, but the shipping cost made it too expensive to be worth it.

  10. namiren:

    ☼ ☽ Hazel ☾ ☼

    He  is my newest litle DC boy :3 (One of ) his outfit is finally finished yay *happy*.,everything else is  still in prgress XD

    I LOVE that eye pedant in his hair!

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