2. saskha:

    DSC_0066 by SaikoXIX on Flickr.

    Part two of: THIS IS A DOLL?!

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    He’s got a name! by harlowkitty on Flickr.

    Today on: HOLY HELL, THAT’S A DOLL?!

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  4. It surprises me how many of my nightmares involve my dolls being destroyed. Even if the rest of the nightmare is unrelated to dolls!

    I’ll be running from zombies in a dark corridor when suddenly I trip and smash my doll.

    Or I’m being held captive in a secret facility underground. During interrogation, the evil agent suddenly pulls out my doll and threatens her with a hammer!

    I care a lot about my dolls, I guess.


  5. freakstylebjd:

    For a long time I’ve been hesitant to write this post, because I don’t want it to come across as a cry for sympathy. And I don’t want to wage war on paper.
    When talking about recasting, I could of course point fingers and say how the recast community has changed from “target…

  6. duskkodesh:


    We made Tali’Zorah vas Normandy cosplay recently for Latvian comic/anime con =) Tali will be followed bu femShep soon, she is 70% complete.

    Tali is a character from videogame trilogy Mass Effect, and is played by Soom Dia on Feeple65 body ^___^

    Magicmage!!! Loooooooook! :D

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  7. saskha:

    5 by InnamorAmento on Flickr.

    A Tali doll?!

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  8. Anyone know where I could find good quality 6-7” mohair wigs? 

  9. "But why are you having tea naked?"

    "Darling, the question is why aren’t you?"

  10. My girl’s head arrived home today! I think she looks super pretty with her wig. The mohair looks really natural and pretty IMO.