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    Delicate. (She’s so far my favorite elf TvT I still have to give her a name)

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    Ónice by ☆Mikan☆ on Flickr.

    [Twigling “Ingenue” in Obsidian resin (w/o faceup. —MOD]

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    What Fairyland did was stupid and wrong, I do not condone it one bit and I am very disappointed with their actions. However anyone who claims that the recasters are some how “better” because they at least “credit the original artists” can go and fuck themselves. Seriously what the fuck? What is wrong with you people?

    FL’s actions do NOT make recasting okay. If you want to boycott the company because of their actions sure, I can understand that. If people boycott FL because of this, then they do only have themselves to blame. However if you then go and support the recasters you are a fucking hypocrite. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Plus by going to the recasters you are making other companies and artists suffer, since the recasters have no shame to whose work they steal. They have proven this more than once. So no, it is not okay in any shape or form to buy a recast because of this.

    Yes to all of this. I am very disappointed in Fairyland and hope that they will try to resolve this. The other thing is that I’m laughing my ass of at how the pro-recast people are saying Fairyland is a hypocrite. What the actual fuck? 

    I am very disappointed with them, and unless they put things right they will not be getting further business from me. I will admit though, FL don’t have much room to tell people not to steal other people’s work at the moment, since that is what they have been caught doing. However it is bad that the pro-recast people are trying to claim that FL’s bad choice justifies their bad choice. 

    However that said, people have pointed out that FL consists of a few artists and it is possible as a company they didn’t know that the design was a stolen design. It is pretty obvious the artist who did the designs did know, however the others might not have had an idea until now. So I really do hope that FL will sort this out, they will need to make a statement soon. 

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    Good job, Fairyland! You’re totally setting a standard for your fans and fans of recasts to follow! /s

    Pic 1 from Steampunk Tendencies page: https://www.facebook.com/SteampunkTendencies/photos/a.335724989875207.81750.335452449902461/637032253077811/?type=1&comment_id=637421646372205&notif_t=comment_mention

    Pic of doll from: http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=1126

    Pic 2 from the artist’s flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kruki99/sets/72157636409523516/

    If FL wants to stick up for artist’s rights then they need to set a better example.

    PART 2: http://pristine-nightmare.tumblr.com/post/92774782931/good-job-fairyland-part-2-the-whaling

    I am so disappointed :( 

    Tell me again how recast are so evil when the legit companies are doing it them self.

    Two wrongs do not make a right.  FL was in the wrong to do this, and recasters are in the wrong to illegally reproduce dolls.

    There are a lot of things one can reasonably take away from this incident - disgust and disappointment in FL, certainly - but not support of counterfeiting.  Twisting this company’s screw up into justification for bootlegs is pretty repugnant.


    What Fairyland is doing IS wrong.

    It is NOT a justification for bootlegging, though. 

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    DSC_0066 by SaikoXIX on Flickr.

    Part two of: THIS IS A DOLL?!

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    He’s got a name! by harlowkitty on Flickr.

    Today on: HOLY HELL, THAT’S A DOLL?!

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  10. It surprises me how many of my nightmares involve my dolls being destroyed. Even if the rest of the nightmare is unrelated to dolls!

    I’ll be running from zombies in a dark corridor when suddenly I trip and smash my doll.

    Or I’m being held captive in a secret facility underground. During interrogation, the evil agent suddenly pulls out my doll and threatens her with a hammer!

    I care a lot about my dolls, I guess.