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    Full customization project for a friend.

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  2. No more normal skin for dolls



    In the beginning of BJDs, there was ‘normal’ skin, and ‘white’ skin. That made some sense, since the dolls were ‘normally’ cast in a sort of neutral peachish or yellowish non-white hue, and the ‘white’ dolls were actually paper white. Until some companies came along and introduced ‘tan’ skin and ‘ebony’ skin. I think its time to switch ‘normal skin’ to ‘caucasian skin’, or ‘peach skin’ or some other word besides ‘normal’. Because…it doesn’t really make any sense anymore. 

    Its hard if you have been in the hobby for a while to change your own learned terminology, but its definitely possible. I’m going to make the change myself. 

    I’ve started calling it peach skin.  It isn’t really that hard of a change… and I’m a lot more comfortable with it.

    The implication that ‘normal’ = ‘caucasian’ is rather problematic, yes. I agree with the change.

  3. My doll’s dress arrived today! She looks just lovely! 

    Her dress is from du-hast on DoA!

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    Packing with Novembre : Flowers

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    Mademoiselle Silverblade

    Is the moniker the Madame goes among the elite circle of swordsmanship enthusiasts. Pitting different styles and different blades against each other, the Madame champions the school of classical fencing, in particular the Dardi school, with the distinction of using a heavier and longer blade.

    To date, the Madame has only lost a sparring once: to her master, the former champion of the fencing style.

    (So yeah, I should’ve been preparing for my booth this Saturday, but the rapier arrived from plating and I just had to make the Madame a fencing set so I could do a photoshoot. One thing led to another, as usual. XDDD)

    Ooooooohhhhhhh myyyyyy goooooooodddddddddd

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  9. "#1748 - This is a luxury hobby. It is expensive to join, it’s something everyone has to accept. There are plenty of less expensive, equally as creative hobbies out there. I don’t judge people for deciding the hobby is too expensive, but I do judge you for coming into this hobby whining that everyone else who scrimped and saved for their legit dolls are being ‘classist’ if they don’t let you come play in our space with your fake. If you can save for a fake you can save for a legit."

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    This. It’s not classism when a huge chunk of the hobby has to scrimp and save too, it’s expecting a modicum of respect for the people who are the goddamn foundation of the entire BJD hobby.

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    Precisely. I’m a disabled, semi-inactive sex worker that lives a long way below the poverty line for my country (35hr/wk at minimum wage for a year gives about £10,000, median is around £21,000, I get by on less than £4,000, including paying the bills and mortgage) and if you look at my collction I have entirely legit dolls, and entirely the legit dolls I have wanted.

    Just by viewing them as nice things I could own if I had the money, rather than necessities.

    I know there’s going to be a load of responses to this saying “But I NEED a Soom Euclase in midnight blue skin that only the Recasters offer, because otherwise my mental health will SUFFER because it is a DEEP NEED” and there I think that you need to take a step back and lok at what you’re saying.

    There are people living not too many houses away from me who make my life hell. They just somehow manage to always be having a loud party when I need it to be quiet - 2am on a weeknight, mid-migraine, etc. It would improve my mental health no end to go and cut their speaker cables and make off with a few bottles of their wine. It really would. They’d be quiet, I’d have had some petty revenge, and I could sleep peacefully. But I don’t - Because hurting other people to make myself feel better is wrong.

    If I desperately NEEDed a doll, more than ANYTHING, and it was the most burning desire that had ever burnt, and I could think of nothing else night or day until I had it in my hands… I’d wait, and find it, then sell my existing dolls to buy it. Or sell my books, or my furniture, or abandon my tea habit or similar. Because if something really is such a desperate need that you’re willing to hurt other people to get it, if you’re a decent human, you’ll take that burden of being hurt onto yourself. Because that money doesn’t just vanish. In buying the doll from a recaster, you’re taking money from the artist; You’re, in effect, pressing them closer to having to sell their things to make ends meet.

    Because otherwise you’re saying “Oh well, it’s a high price to pay, but I volunteer that you will pay it”.

    If what you mean is “I really NEED that doll, but I only think it’s worth [x low price]” then you don’t really need it. I need a new wheelchair, but more than that I need to still have the money that would have gone on the wheelchair in my bank account. I’m not going to go out and steal someone else’s wheelchair. I’m not going to buy a new one that “fell off the back of the lorry”. I’m going to wait until I have enough money to buy one without bankrupting myself, and then I’m going to buy the model that I can afford. Not the one that I desperately NEED, with the hill-climbing locks and the custom lumbar support, just the one that roughly fits me off-the-shelf, that’s light enough to self-propel, and that’s not in too painful a colour. It won’t be ideal, but it’ll do the job, and still be a damn sight better than my beaten-to-hell, one-functional-brake existing model.

    If I can compromise on wheelchairs, the thing that lets me live a semi-normal life, you can compromise on dolls, an expensive toy that you like playing with.

    I’m going to go out on one last limb here and say “It’s not classist to say ‘don’t steal luxury goods’, since in stealing a luxury good you’re not Striking A Blow Against The Rich Man, you’re Striking A Blow Against The Fellow Poor Bloke That Built It.”

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