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    ::Lambert family portrait:: on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Here is Lambert family portrait. Eva Lambert, her husband Lis and her son Renard.
    Eva is Soom Breccia, dress by Ayuana
    Renard is Soom Chrom
    Lis is Soom Chrom and he belongs to my friend Kimirra

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  3. More updates on my situation with Doll Leaves and Mint on Card.

    I’m trying not to get irritated with them as it was an honest mistake, but it’s still making me roll my eyes.


  4. tadtoofey asked: Hi :) About the adult looking faces - have you tried Lumedolls? :)

    No, I have not! I will check them out, though!

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  6. My kingdom for a male MSD with a manly, adult-looking face.

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    Cayote by Issy✶ on Flickr.

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  8. Mint on Card bungled my order. Again.

    Apparently there was a miscommunication and Doll Leaves sent them a small bust body instead of a large bust body.

    There have been errors and miscommunications throughout this whole process. I am really unsatisfied with the customer service I’ve received.

    They’re trying to get me the right bust size. And this wouldn’t be a problem if this was the only mistake they’d made. But this is the second time they’ve gotten something wrong about my order. It just isn’t okay.

  9. outlawempress:

    via Mira Kim 

    I love that tiny vanity. I desire to possess one like it.

  10. angell-studio:

    Earl of Black Tulip

    Leo, no one knows where he is from, nor his past , just like his mask and black mantle,everything about him remains mysterious yet appealing. The black tulip is his exclusive crest ,and himself addressed by folks, Earl of Black Tulip, the most revered title in the empire.
    But people do know for sure, as they say, Leo ,only the nectar will serve him right, only a belle will get his favor. Perhaps, you can find Earl’s presence in the most luxury banquets or parties, so busy with chatting toasting and dancing so gaily as if he was born to perfectly suit all these exquisite game of social intercourse. While, if by any lucky chance, in some turn of night and day, you might witness his lonely figure shown at the deserted seashore outside the city, the sea bellowing with rage in the darkness before him and the tide rolling the deepest memory within his mind. Before the dark is covered by light, it is the time only belong to him, you might witness, if by any lucky chance.
    But, never for once, did people ever get a look of Leo’s face behind the mask, yes, you can make your wish to Black Tulip for everything, wealth, eminence even romance, all the wish would be honored as long as Black Tulip is pleased. However, even till today, his ex-most favored lover will complain how frigid the mask blocked her from trying to taste more sweetness in the kiss of her beloved Black Tulip.

    Leo, the black tulip, created by the most aristocratic nature , covered by the most intoxicating romance. Earl of Black Tulip, the king of night ruling the dream, whether wealth, whether eminence, even the romance , Leo would give you everything you dream, but the true face of him will only belong himself , never reveal. Black Tulip, so mysterious and dangerous, yet still so irresistable to get closer.

    Angell Studio

    Angell Studio.

    Angell Studio, you need to stop.

    You - you just need to stop.