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    I will have had Aki for 9 years this October.

    That outfit is amazing!

    Ahhh, syrinxfox is posting BJDs again! ;.;  Excuse me while I go fangirl off into the sun.

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    Realistic Faceup for one of my own girls

    Plutodoll Maude in NS

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    Chiyu’s body ~

  6. amomiudolls:

    This is a recreation of an old photo I took in 2010. Instead of editing the bokeh lights on afterwards in Photoshop, I tried to create them on set with long exposure and a small flashlight. The time and movement of the light wasn’t quite right and I still had to overlay three exposures on top of each other to create the final image, but it was a pretty nice experiment!

    Diana - Fairyland Minifee Shushu B-line

    Bunny - Doll-zone Bunny

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    Shout out to all the great partners, friends, and families who might not ‘get’ dolls but love us and our dolls anyway!


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